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Join the movement towards clean renewable energy without compromising your lifestyle.

California’s Premier Natural Gas Supplier!

From the vibrant heart of California, Greenwave Energy rises as an example of what a natural gas supplier can be! In a world imperiled by climate upheaval, ensuring the air we breathe remains pure demands a seismic shift in our energy ethos. It's time to transcend outdated consumption patterns and embrace a future powered by conservation and minimized carbon emissions, all while still maintaining your lifestyle.

We beckon to those home and business owners who share our vision, extending an invitation to consumers unwilling to sacrifice their lifestyle to “go green.” With offerings spanning renewable energy and carbon offset natural gas, we empower individuals to effect real change. Together, let's carve a path toward a pristine, radiant tomorrow, reshaping the narrative of our national energy landscape.

Stand firm. Ride the Greenwave,without compromising your lifestyle.

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Let ‘em Know!You’re Green Baby

Our carbon offset gas solutions offer a superior alternative to conventional utilities, slashing the greenhouse gas emissions linked to your natural gas usage. By retiring carbon offsets on your behalf, Greenwave Energy ensures that every energy decision you make yields a tangible impact. Join us in shaping a greener, more conscientious future with every bill paid.

Every new or switching customer will receive:

Environmentally friendly grocery bag

Home and Vehicle Greenwave decals

Water bottle decals

Direct contribution to One Tree Planted'sNational Reforestation Efforts

Partnered with One Tree Planted

At Greenwave Energy, our mission is clear: to lead Californians towards a future powered by renewable energy, propelling our nation forward while alleviating the strain on our planet.

We're on the lookout for kindred spirits—from discerning consumers like yourself. Together, our collective actions hold the power to enact meaningful change. Greenwave has collaborated with One Tree Planted, an initiative dedicated to restoring forests the world over after wildfires and floods. Discover more about their impactful initiatives and join us in nurturing a greener tomorrow.