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Exclusive Offerfor PG&E Residents

Choose Your Energy Future

Now at Greenwave Energy, we make it easy to take control of your environmental impact from natural gas use. Through our carbon offset gas options, we provide a better alternative than your local utility by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with your gas consumption. Greenwave Energy will retire carbon offsets on your behalf, allowing your energy choices to truly make a difference.

As the old saying goes, we vote with our pocketbooks. The same can be said about our energy bills. Purchasing renewable energy certificates (RECs) sends a powerful message to lawmakers and industry executives about our demand for cleaner energy.

When you choose one of our natural gas products, you’ll enjoy the same reliable delivery you’ve always received from your local utility, and their crews remain on call to handle any gas leaks or other emergencies. Switching gas supplies is easy, and your service will not be interrupted.

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