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Now at Greenwave Energy, we make it easy to take control of your environmental impact from natural gas use. Through our carbon offset gas options, we provide a better alternative than your local utility by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with your gas consumption. Greenwave Energy will retire carbon offsets on your behalf, allowing your energy choices to truly make a difference.

As the old saying goes, we vote with our pocketbooks. The same can be said about our energy bills. Purchasing renewable energy certificates (RECs) sends a powerful message to lawmakers and industry executives about our demand for cleaner energy.

Variable Wholesale

Our standard day-to-day product. No more than 5% over the cost of the natural gas purchase price.


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* $9.95 Monthly fee broken out to per day charge, charged monthly.

  • * Not including utility delivery or tax.

Variable Wholesale + REC

Unlock the power of fluctuating rates while staying committed to a greener planet with our variable rate plan PLUS RECs, designed to keep your energy costs low and your carbon footprint even lower.


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* $9.95 Monthly fee $5.00 REC fee total of $14.95 fee per cycle

  • * Not including utility delivery or tax.


Lock in your commitment to sustainability with our fixed-rate.


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* Fixed per therm rate of $1.20, good for 12 months

  • * Not including utility delivery or tax.

Fixed Green Gas

Powering your home with eco-conscious energy, without the fluctuating costs.


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* $34.95 flat Monthly fee

  • * Not including utility delivery or tax.
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What you get when you sign up with Greenwave


Let ‘em Know!You’re Green Baby

Our carbon offset gas solutions offer a superior alternative to conventional utilities, slashing the greenhouse gas emissions linked to your natural gas usage. By retiring carbon offsets on your behalf, Greenwave Energy ensures that every energy decision you make yields a tangible impact. Join us in shaping a greener, more conscientious future with every bill paid.

Every new or switching customer will receive:

Environmentally friendly grocery bag

Home and Vehicle Greenwave decals

Water bottle decals

Direct contribution to One Tree Planted's National Reforestation Efforts